Runtime Error 0

Hi everybody!
The Xojo debugger shows me an error message (actually it doesn’t show any) which I don’t understand.

The iOS project has

  • 2 classes: TeamClass & TeamStatsClass
  • Both classes have Integer properties (for example: Attempts)
  • 2 properties: Team(2) As TeamClass & TeamStats(2) As TeamStatsClass

I have no problem with the TeamClass and I can assign values to its properties without any issues.
As soon as I try to assign a value to a property from the TeamStatsClass it doesn’t work. I am doing it like this:
TeamStats(1).Attempts = 0

During runtime, the debugger stops. The ErrorNumber is 0 and the Reason is “” (blank).

Has anybody encountered this before or has an idea how to fix this?

Thank you

Sounds like you could be getting a NilObjectException. Is TeamStats(1) Nil?

I am not sure I understand this properly.

If I do this

Dim TeamStats(2) As TeamStatsClass

is TeamStats(1) Nil then?

Yes. You are only declaring a place to hold the instances. You need to do a

TeamStats(0)= new TeamStats() TeamStats(1) = new TeamStats()

To initialize the instances

That did the trick, thank you Jason. It’s strange though because the property Team(2) works fine without that.