Running xojo desktop app in multi-user environment

I need to run my Desktop app in a Multi-User network environment. What needs to be installed on each machine. For example, a VB6 app requires you install a run-time which loads and registers various DLL’s OCX’s etc AND you need to have Administrator rights to install a VB6 application. What needs to be done with XOJO please ?

When you build the App, a new folder in the same directory of your project will be created, one for each OS you want to deploy. You only have to copy that folder to the hardware you want to run it an that is all.

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Really! This means that there is no installation requirement - I presume all the requirements are embedded in one EXE file. In a multi-user environment, I place the EXE file on what I deem as a server, where I also hold my database files, and everyone on the network points to that machine to run the EXE. In this way I don’t have to update several machines when changes are made to the app. That should still work ?

That should still work. App won’t be as quick as a locally run app.
Copy the necessary folders created when you build. That should be it.

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Well… that’s not entirely true on Windows. The machine you are running on needs to have the Windows Runtime installed or in the directory next to the app. It’s better to have installed because it will get updates when the machine gets other system updates.

From our system requirements page:

Windows apps must have the Visual C++ Redistributable included in the installer or have the DLLs included with the app. More information available in the Windows Universal Runtime topic.


Thanks Greg. So we are talking about ONLY the Visual C++ Redistributable, NOT any special installation requirements for XOJO itself. (Apart from copying a folder to the destination machine). Works for me !

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Exactly! :+1:

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