Running Xojo ARM 64-bit app on Intel, should that be possible?

I don’t tinker in macos much but I was just playing with some build architecture settings in 2020r2 and I switched it to ARM 64-bit, to my surprise it ran without issue, how is that possible? Is it not actually compiling for arm or does Xojo simply ignore the architecture if its incompatible? Does it create a universal app even though I’m not selected on it? So much head scratching.

Are you using an operating system with Rosetta 2 that might be automagically allowing it to run?

Edit: Also, possibly, if you’re talking about Debug Run, I think that’s always for the platform you’re on.

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Rosetta 2 does a reverse arm > intel conversion too? Cool

I’m on 10.14.6, I don’t know if that has it or not.

You ran intel code!


I don’t thiiiink so? I was confused and misunderstood. Sorry.

Ahhh “Build” architecture, derp :wink: Back to windows for me :wink:

Thanks both.

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I was confused as I could change from 32 to 64 bit and it would change at run time, I’m easily confused :slight_smile:

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With ARM 64 as build settings? :thinking:

Yes, Debug run must be with the architecture you can run.

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Ah, I didn’t noticed it was about debugging. Thanks.