Running XOJO App on Linux

When i run my xojo app on Linux, I get he following error:

Common/plugin.cpp: 5199
Failure Condition: 0
The application cannot continue because a needed file cannot be installed. Unable to locate ENIndexer Libs/

How do I solve for this?

When you created the application there should have been the executable itself + a libs directory & resources directory next to it
They are a required part of the application so they have to be next to the exe
Are those items present ?

Hi Thomas, the project you are trying to run, it was uploaded on the server through FTP?

Yes - I uploaded via WinSCP.

And yes - I am an idiot. I didn’t like the way Xojo built the libs directory so I renamed it. Surprised it uses folder names with spaces for Linux builds but …

Thanks for making me think about what I did wrong guys…

It’s now working