Running standalone apps on Mint 17.2 Xfce server?

I am so used to using CGI deployment - how do I run a webapp published to standalone format? I try to run mine and get the request as to whether I want to download it or not. Is this a library issue or something?

It is the same as any other linux executable. Have you set the executable permissions to the file?

I did indeed set it to be executable.

That’s happening because you’re still treating it as a CGI and placing it in a web-accessible directory then navigating to its URL. Standalone is much different. Standalone you run from a system service or command line and replace your previous web serving software (Apache, NGINX). So you’d turn off your old HTTPD, start your Xojo Web App by either creating a Linux system service or from the command line with:

cd /path/to/my/app

You will then navigate to the domain name you’ve pointed to this server via DNS, or directly via IP address in your browser of choice.

Lifeboat by @Tim_Parnell might be something for you to investigate.
Be sure to read the User Guide topics for Web App Deployment. Especially this one.

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Note that you may want to put it behind a traditional web server, and there are threads here that discuss the best ways to do that.

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I have to reinstall to an OS that Lifeboat will support if I want to use it, and am working on that.

And YES, you’re correct - I was indeed treating it like CGI (and definitely miss CGI deployment, it is just so easy to do it that way!)

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