Running Real Studio on Linux Mint 19.3

I needed to upgrade from Linux Mint 17.3 which is no longer supported. I found the installation files for the two versions of RB that I have used to write programs. The installations seemed to go well and they both show up in my Menu. Problem is nothing happens when I try to open them, even as Admin. Christian Schmitz sent me an email with information about plugins. Do I need to use these in order to run Real Studio/Basic? Anyone running these now? Mine are 2010 & 2007 versions for which I have licences.

What version of Mint are you using now? Newer versions of Mint are 64-bit. Real Studio / Realbasic were 32-bit apps. You’ll need to configure Mint to run 32-bit apps, probably by installing additional libraries. But not really sure you’ll be able to get everything you need to install 10-year old versions of RS.

More information is in the System Requirements.

I upgraded to Mint 19.3 from 17.3. I was able to run Real Studio on the 17.3 64-bit OS. I will enter the commands given in the links and see if that works. Thanks!

Running the command line in your first link worked. The 2010 RS asked for the license which I entered, then I got a “no internet connection” error which makes no sense. The 2007 version loaded up and then a critical error msg caused an exit. So I’m not out of the woods just yet but making progress.

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