running local app from web

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to run local pc windows application from Xojo Web App?

a, Do you want to run the desktop app on SERVER SIDE or CLIENT SIDE?
b, If the web app is on server side, you can’t launch a client side application.

I want to run windows exe installed at the local pc of the user.
Is it possible?

The web app is on client or server side?
You can launch the exe on client side if the web app is on client side.

You will need theese:

[quote=301764:@ronaldo florendo]I want to run windows exe installed at the local pc of the user.
Is it possible?[/quote]

You would have to install a protocol handler for the user app. Then you can launch the app through showURL.


Otherwise, simply ask the user to launch the app.

Hi Mitchel,

Does your suggestion can also be applies to google chrome? It seems that the document you refer seems for IE only. Am I right?

It works with every browser. Just the same as Xojo’s Feedback, if you have tried to open reports from the forum.

Thank MIchel.

As understood, to make the windows executable run, I have to create ENTRY within windows registry on users pc. Am I right?

Assuming I want to run NOTEPAD on users PC from my XOJO installed on remote server, may you please teach me on What to type in SHOWURL after editng the windows registry?

Ronaldo, sorry, but I never used that technique. I cannot get into details. You must carefully study the two links I posted.

Thanks Michel.

I really might getting old here. :slight_smile: