Running iOS on M1 Mac

Maybe this is a stupid question.
I’m trying to figure out if my iOS apps will work ok on an M1 Mac. How does one test this?
I have downloaded 3rd part iOS apps and run them on my Mac. Is it possible to do this with a build from Xojo before an app is released?

Did you buy a Mac with M1 chip?

Yes… I presumed that this would be step 1!!! :wink:

You double click the .ipa file for your app to install/run it.

I figured that but when I do, I get “This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified”.
The app submits and is approved by the App Store.

try to drop in the /Applications folder (i assume it’s codesigned)

no go.

here i read it’s only possible with apps (used in and moved) from the app store (itunes account) since they are bound to your apple-id …

probably not perfectly signed.

You are probably correct. However it’s what is being signed out of Xojo, which is accepted in the App Store.

Not critical now, but I’d be interested to know if anyone else has it working.

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I can just double click and run an .ipa which I have signed with an Enterprise license. So I’m guessing here that it is a signing issue. Maybe it is possible to add a M1 as a kind of device id for ad-hoc certificates used for development? Or maybe you could do via TestFlight?

Since I sign all my stuff with Enterprise licenses, I can’t offer much more help here.