Running a xojo web app in a .Net Windows WebBrowser control

(Not sure if this should be under the Targets>Web or Target>Windows)

One of our customers has a Windows application from a 3rd party (Allscripts). The Windows application allows the user to setup a tab which displays a web application in the tab using a .Net WebBrowser control. We are trying to plugin our Xojo web app into one of these tabs.

When the tab is first displayed, the xojo app starts a new session and behaves normally. However, when the user navigates, the tab tries to start a new session. When this happens, the initial Welcome form is displayed (we can see it), but the Shown event (which then initialises the new session and launches the rest of the load process) doesn’t fire for about 2 mins.

Has anyone got any experience of this or have any ideas?

Thanks in advance