Running a Project Made on a Mac on a PC

Using the free Xojo download can I run my Xojo project created on a Mac on a PC (which has Xojo installed obviously)? I am looking to test my project on a PC. If the answer is yes, am I right to think I can encrypt the project on a Mac and run the encrypted project on a PC? Thanks

If you have Xojo on Mac and PC, you can run the project on either.

And there is no need to encrypt it.

Yes. You can encrypt pieces of the project on the Mac and then open and run on PC.

You could also use the remote debugger.

But can you do those things with the FREE IDE (as mentioned in the OP)?

I know encryption is not available…nor is the remote debugger if I’m not mistaken

You can load the FREE IDE on BOTH OSX and WIN computers and move the project between them

Remote Debugging and Encryption are both available in the free version of Xojo.

I have Windows installed on my Mac in Parallels. When I want to do Windows testing, I open the source file from the Mac development folder in the Windows IDE. No duplicate source files, no remote debugger. It’s rather convenient.

That makes me wonder… What stops someone from creating encrypted (even source code) classes and selling the without buying any license from Xojo Inc? Is there something in the EULA?

  • Karen

Nothing in the EULA that I know of but I think people would expect that you had compiled things into an app just in case there were some odd issue in a compiled app but not in debug (it happens - rarely but it happens)

Would look kind of odd for the developer to say “yeah I’ve never compiled an app with it”

Would YOU buy the IDE if we never compiled it but just ran sources all the time ?