Running a 32 bit built app on 64 bit Linux

I wrote and built a 32 bit Linux application some time ago with Xojo 2016r3. I’ve never updated the app to 64 bit. I intend to do that as soon as I can find the time. Meanwhile, I have a user asking me if there’s a way to run it on his 64 bit installation. It’s my understanding that the app will run if GTK+2 and some other 32 bit libraries are installed, but I’m not a Linux expert. So, I don’t know what to tell him. I could just ask him to wait for the 64 bit version, but that may be a few months away. Is there a way to install the required 32 bit libraries without too much grief?

There’s information on this in the documentation for System Requirements

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Thanks Tim.
I knew I’d seen that info somewhere, but thought I’d seen it posted on the forum. So I was looking in the wrong place.

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