Run Xojo iOS Example Project Dimmed in Mojave

When I open an iOS Xojo Example Project like XojoNotes, the Run button is greyed out which prevents clicking.

In the project under Build Settings I selected iOS and under iOS Debugging, there are no items under the Simulator Device popup menu.

Any ideas?

I have the following installed:

  • Mac OS 10.14 Mojave
  • Xojo 2018r3
  • Xcode 10
  • Xcode Simulator is running iOS 12

I checked the Xojo Requirements page which states:

[quote]iOS Apps
In order to work on iOS projects, you must be using Xojo on at least macOS 10.12 and later with Xcode 9.x (required for iOS Simulator). macOS Mojave requires Xojo 2018r3 or later.

Supported macOS versions
10.14 (requires 2018r3 or later)

Required Xcode versions

Have you run Xcode 10 at least once? Installed the necessary command line tools?

This may help someone that sees this thread later:

Thank you, Jason!

Oddly, I did install the Command Line Tools, but under Xcode Preferences --> Locations I just saw that the ‘Command Line Tools’ popup was blank. So I selected ‘Xcode 10’, re-entered my credentials, quit Xcode, quit Xojo, then relaunched Xojo and the XojoNotes project and was able to run the project.