Run vs Deploy - strange behavior difference

Hi, all,

I am developing a web application that I want to be active only on specific dates.

On the main paige, I’ve created TextField1 whose Visible is set to False.

Then I created a Timer with the following code

Dim d as New Date
Dim password As String

if d.ShortDate="5/10/19" then

When I test the app via the Run, it works as expected.

When it is deployed on the XOJO server (San Francisco) it fails to make the TextField1 visible.

Could someone help me please?

Thank you,


ShortDate is localized, what do you get if you put a label on the page with the ShortDate when deployed?

Edit: Also, that’s a horrible way to test dates because of the localization issues. Create two date objects and test those - not strings.

Or use an universal format like:

If d.SQLDate=“2019-05-10” Then…

The label shows “05/10/2019”

I changed “05/10/19” into “05/10/2019” and it helped!

Now it is working!

I will also try the d.SQLDate,

Thank you both, guys,

Have a good weekend.