Run Time Error.

I am able to execute the program successfully when i build it using Xojo.
But when i use Inno set installer to compile and run the program , i am getting a few pop up window with runtime error.

popup window link (sample1)

Runtime Error.
Press OK toContinue
Press Cancel to Quit

Please report what caused this
error along with the information below.

Common\plugin.cpp: 990

Failure Condition: pluginEntryTable.GetEntry( entrypointname, out )
can’t find Plugin method BevelButton.caption.Set

kindly help me to sort this error.

Are you sure all of the Xojo Libs are installed?

What Windows version?

@brain franco
Its Windows 8.1 (64 bit)


Have you checked out Xojo Desktop App Deployment

Newer Docs Xojo Desktop App Deployment

@brain franco
I have gone through the links.
I have included the EXE , the Libs and Resources folders.
But mine desktop application which uses MySQL database from remote server. I such scenario, do I have to include additional command line parameters in inno setup or else where?

If So, Can u please guide me about the command line?

I hope others with more experience with remote databases will chime in here as I mostly use local SQLite databases.

If I think of anything I will post back

EDIT: You have verified that a compiled program will run on your computer and at least another one before packaging with Inno?

      Not from the IDE but an actual compiled program.

Make sure the installed app includes Libs directory right next to your app.

@Grey o’lone.
Sir, My OS is installed in C drive. i have my Xojo application installed in my D drive.
My desktop application (after building using xojo - exe + lib + resources directory) are located in E drive
After creating my setup file using Inno Setup installer i have stored in desktop window C drive. this means i am installing my application in C drive.

In this scenario, do u mean that, i should install the application in E drive?

kindly suggest me.

When you setup inno are you recursing the sub directories. And then in the script when you install also setting the files to install back ok to sub directories under your app?

I have a couple of apps fhat use MySQL remote DB and they require no special setup in inno. Can you share your script?

Ideally you should also let your user install where they want and it should not matter if they have a different setup as the files are all relative to each other.

Thanks all. @Paul Budd @Grey O’lone @brain franco

I have successfully solved the issue.

i have copied the lib + resources folder to the application directory where the setup is installed.
And it works,

Thank You All.

@Paul Budd @Grey @brain

Is it possible to add a line in inno setup installer to directly copy the files and paste ii in the installation directory,

Any suggestions?