Run from memory

Hi I want to create an application that can be run from memory eg. on usb stick and removing it after running. Plus doesn’t drop any files into the temp folder. Is there a way to do it in Xojo?

example C#

I am by no means a Windows expert… but I doubt that the contents of that article even work as stated any more. That article was written 10 years ago, and the concepts behind the structure of a Windows.Exe was not the same as it is today…

So I’m gonna guess that the answer is NO, (and not just for Xojo apps, but any newer Windows app)

Maybe something like Portable Apps ?

Modern Windows apps do not work like that. They rely on DLL that are as their name implies, dynamic loading. Plus the USB stick will be locked by the fact that a program on it is in use. So even if you pry it out of the PC physically, all you will do is mess up the program.

If you want to obtain something similar, you will precisely have to copy your program into the temp folder and run it from there. It can be done rather easily with a small batch launcher. And if you fear leaving the temp folder not as clean as it was when you entered, it is on you to delete the files when the program quits.