Run fails in 2023R4

I’m working on an app that runs fine in the simulator using 2023R3.1. When I run it in R4 I get the following dialog twice:

Followed by this one:

There’s clearly nothing wrong since it works fine in the previous version. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Since i’ve seen issues before here is somethings that may work:

Or try to select build-for “App Store” and run first…?

First make sure you have the correct entitlement settings in the IDE (they must equal your provisioning profile).

Generate a mobileprovisioning file for the App Store (Distribution type), for this you need a distribution certificate. Then you select build for “App Store” in the build settings, but you are still able to debug run (on devices) not sure if the simulator does work since mine does not…

If you happen to try and run a simulator i can’t get those to work since iOS 17.
On-device debugging, testflight builds, and app store (releases) all work here.

The iOS 17.0 simulators work fine for me with R3.1. Just downloaded the new Xcode and the 17.2 simulators work also. I’m using the same team in both R3.1 and R4 so I know the certificate and development profile are fine.

Well does it work in R4 ?
Or do you want to remain in R3.1?

I would like to move to R4 if the I can get the simulators to work. R4 did successfully build the app for installation on an iPad, but I need the debugger!

please make an issue, about the simulators if you’d like

@Art_Gorski - make sure you have selected a team in the iOS build target. In r4, apps sent to the simulator are now signed (they weren’t before) so that things which require entitlements but no special hardware will be able to work.

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Would be great if Xojo could detect such kind of missing dependencies and warn and guide users for a fix.


Thanks, Greg. Yes, I’ve got the team selected. And can build for running on an iPad. Just not on a simulator.

Your point about being signed might be a clue to what’s happening. I haven’t created a distribution profile yet, maybe that’s now required?

Odd, i can’t run on the ipad but can on my iphone…

Check that both devices are setup in Apple Developer portal, and that your profile specifies both devices.

Another thing I noticed when in the portal is that my app bundle does not have Fonts checked. What is this for? I do import a custom font into my app and use the old plist file.

The Fonts entitlement is if your app installs fonts system wide.
As it seems your apps includes fonts that are only used within your app, you don’t need the entitlement.

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If you’re using Xcode 15, make sure that the iPad has the Wi-Fi enabled and that is, in fact, connected to your network (of course, I guess that the Developer mode is enabled in that iPad and that you confirmed the “Trust in this computer” when the dialog did appear in the iPad).

Also, if you’re using Xcode 15 & SDK 17.0+, then the iPad has to be running iOS 17.0+

The testflght builds work with iPadOS 16.7.3 but the debug runs not, as far as i know it should just run the same as xcode builds do run.

Hi @DerkJ

As I said in my previous post, if you’re using Xcode 15 (what means SDK 17.0+), then the iPad needs to be running iOS 17.0+. We will look forward if we can replicate full Xcode behavior in this sense.

i can build with the setup for any device (even the iPad with lower os) by just dropping the build into the device. Why wouldn’t it be possible to debug run on the device ? Xcode can do that why xojo can’t ?

Hi @DerkJ

Take for granted that that’s something we are looking at to provide the best possible experience.

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Hi @Javier_Menendez i expect you can even do better, we’ll see what comes from this…:wink: