Run EXE before build?

Is there a way to have the Build settings automatically run an application before it begins the build process?

I have a database that is distributed with the app and before the “Copy Files Step” runs (which copies that database to the resources folder) I want to run a small XOJO exe that will update the table. The data that goes in this table is located on a remote server that can not copy to each computer that will be building applications.

Of course, we can just run it before we do the build, but it would be so much easier if it could be part of the build settings.

Not really an answer to your question, but why not include the code to update the table in your application in App.Open() - wrapped in a DebugBuild?

Create a Script and use the DoCommand method to run your external process. Drag the script above the Build entry for your platform(s) (the order displayed is the order that the Build step are run).


Because then we’d have to run the built version before we could distribute. We actually wrote our own application that does all the building and updating of our FTP sites and running the app after the build is not an option. And yes, we could build this process into our own application but I’m just looking for a short cut.

Tim - I don’t the DoCommand allows you to run an external program. I tested it with a Key Codes application and it just skips over it. In the IDE Scripting documentation, the DoCommand will only execute certain commands.

DoCommand is for commanding the IDE to do something

You want DoShellCommand

Sorry …

right idea just the wrong command … shit happens

@John Fatte - were you able to get this sorted changing the call to DoShellCommand as Norman updated?