Run button greyed out on iOS application

Good evening,
I haven’t developed an iOS application before, but finally have a need. I have downloaded Xojo 2020 r2.1 (my license is for an earlier version) and Xcode 12.3. I have generated a simple Xojo test app but notice that the Run icon is greyed out. If I open a sample iOS Xojo app provided with the download I get the same result. If I write a sample iOS App in Xcode the iOS simulator operates correctly. I also notice that under the iOS navigation item no simulation devices are list.
Could anyone suggest what may be wrong?
Thank you.

I believe you have to open Xcode at least once to initialize the simulators.

I found the problem. Needed command line tools enabling in Xcode. Could not see it mentioned in documentation.

For reference, Xcode info is here:

Thank you.

New machine, a 14" MBP. Uploaded Xcode 13.4.1 and Xojo 2022r1.1, greyed out run and build buttons. Regenerated new Development and Distribution certs and provisioning profile. Xcode runs and builds fine. MacOS Monterey 12.4.

Xojo does not.

Where do I start debugging this? App ran fine in the previous version 2022r1 on the 13" M1 MBP I passed on to another family member. Build settings look OK.

I’m past that, but now I get the dreaded " xcodebuild[4219:111932] Requested but did not find extension point with identifier Xcode.IDEKit.ExtensionSentinelHostApplications for extension Xcode.DebuggerFoundation.AppExtensionHosts.watchOS of plug-in"

upon build, when I have no intention of targeting the Apple Watch. Fresh Command Line Tools for Xcode have been installed, along with the iOS 15.4 simulator.

I also see no target selection mini-pane on Build Settings → iOS below Code Signing. What changed?


Please start a new thread. With this one already “answered” it just looks like you’re adding more info from the outside instead of asking a new question.