"Run" and "Build" icons ghosted (for iOS build)?

I am trying to run one of the “Example Projects”, included with XOJO 2016 release 2. No matter which example project I load, the “Run” and “Build” icons are always ghosted.

I have XCode 6.2 installed on my computer. I have my Apple ID setup in the XCode’s preferences. I have XCode command line tools installed.

So, what am I doing wrong?

Along with the new iOS functionality in 2016r2, Xcode 7.x is required: http://developer.xojo.com/system-requirements

I got it to “run” by using the XOJO menu item “Project > Run”; the iOS Simulator appears, but then the Simulator gives an error message:

"Cannot connect to the debugger

Since we could not locate the target IDE to start a debug session, this application will now exit"

Then when I return to XOJO, there is an error message waiting for me:

"Compilation of ‘XojoDoodle’ failed.

An error occurred when attempting to launch the application. You may need to delete the application from the simulator if it already exists.

Unexpected data returned from simctl."

And XCode is free at at a click near (in Apple Menu --> App Store…) and some minutes of download.

Check the Xcode preferences, Location pane to make sure that the Command Line Tools is pointed to Xcode 7.x (7.3 most likely).