Hi everyone,

Locking for a RichTextFormat Generation Library, to create RTF-Files via Code with the Function to add Index-Entries und generate Registers, plus UTF-8 Support. Don’t need a Control like Formated Text Control.
Does anyone created such a thing in past?


Mac? Win? Linux?

On Mac you can use NSAttributedString.

MBS Plugins have a lot for this:

Best would be Mac, Win and Linux :wink:

maybe you code it yourself.
You probably have an internal representation which you just write to disk and translate the formatting to rtf tags.

Yes Christian, the thing is, how could i Parse words with special Characters/UTF-8 Characters and how to translate them into working RTF UTF-8 letters? Looks like a big work for longer Texts…don’t wanna loose Speed :wink:

you would make unicode escapes. I did that for my StyledText to RTF code here.