RS / XOJO Useless

Heres the deal folks. Database computer software is WORTHLESS unless you can create reports and print them! As a former and future vb6 programmer who feels like he wasted a lot of money on real software products I must say that I cannot believe that software that cost so much money does not have the ability to create reports that dont look like a picture when you try to print them. Anybody who has ever used Active Reports with VB knows how awesome this product is. I was attracted to Real Studio because of the web apps but I made a mistake in spending nearly 1000.00. I tried to run the demo projects on both DB Report 1.3 and BKeeney Shorts both generate error msgs. CMon people quit buying this junk until they produce a product that will print!

You mention the web apps… I would just generate HTML reports and let the user convert to PDF if they so desire.

Have you reported via feedback what you’re running into versus what you expect? It may be as simple as what they think a report should be / do is not what you think it should.

You mentioned Real Studio, I take it you were unable to evaluate the software under the licensing that RS used to have before it became Xojo? Because in Xojo they allowed people to use the IDE for free and only pay when ready to build.

I’ve used the MBS DynaPDF starter package for desktop and web with no problems. Valentina Reports is another good option.

If you want all the Bells & Whistles of the many different report writers common to Windows you will be better off moving on to VS or Delphi.

I do agree that the Xojo report writer is pretty much useless, but just a quick look at ActiveReports showed “Starting at $1,599.00 | Upgrade $1,149.00”. That doesn’t make Xojo seem so expensive considering you can compile for 3 different operating systems and create web applications.

I just checked my spam folder. I have not received any support emails from you asking why Shorts is generating errors.

I can’t even begin to guess what your problem is since you’ve not given ANY indication on what the errors actually are. We use Shorts on a daily basis (in web and desktop apps) and I know of dozens of other developers that do too. It’s probably an incredibly simple issue but without more information I can’t even being to help you.

All I see is a rant and not a whole lot of questions.

Check your email again Bob

Formulating response now (waiting for Windows to fire up). I received your email at 4:48 pm (approx 11 minutes ago). You’re original post was an 53 ago. It will be a minute before I can respond in detail.

Xojo isn’t “database software” - its a general purpose programming tool.
VB doesn’t by itself “print reports” - you add components for that (like Active Reports)
C and C# and C++ doesn’t print by themselves - you add components for that or write the code.
The built in reporting does what it does - it’s not intended to be Active or Crystal Reports (which are themselves enormous products in their own right).
And if thats not sufficient then consider adding a third party product like those mentioned.

Tim - This is what I expect - To be able to print a report that does not look like I saved a JPEG and printed it using Paint.

Johnny - The Active Reports for VB 6 was $99, is amazingly easy to use and will print many different kinds of crisp, professional looking reports. The 1100.00 upgrade you refer too is for .net and seems pricey. I havent used it but may be not a bad way to go considering the end result.

Thats fine Norman the problem is even if Active Reports for .net is expensive it is a third party product that produces a quility product. Do you know how impossible it is to sell a product that produces a printed report that looks like a picture?

I sent you a complete project that solves the one Windows issue you encountered. Next time it would be awesome to get the support email BEFORE seeing it in the forums. Peace.

Let me know what I can do to answer your questions.

Hhmmm…I used ActiveReport for years in VB6. We were spending $399 for it. Not sure how you got such a great deal but good for you.

Just peeked at their store & I sure don’t see any $99 versions

Here we go again :stuck_out_tongue:

Hence my favourite feature of the forums is Controls > Mute Conversation so I can ignore these

Is there a “Mute Person” option? That would be useful.

I do not feel that this is a fair assessment of RS / Xojo as my experience has been nothing but positive.

I have found BK Shorts to be VERY useful in allowing me to display reports the way I need them. I also view Bob’s support very prompt to my emails and very knowledgeable on how I could tackle some code I was working on.

I think this is what the young people call “blameshifting”. The local junior college offers an associates degree in it.

I like to generate Postscript files in my RB/Xojo code and call the OS to print them. Lot of work but fast and reliable.
That said, I’m surprised what you can do with that integrated report facility once you get on to it.