rs.update saves but doesn't display

I load a record set, go to the first record, change a value, and then rs.update.

When I go to the next record and then back to the former, it displays the old data, even though I am drawing the field data from the recordset.

When I quit and restart the app, it displays the updated value.

So… Am I supposed to do something after rs.update? I know the data is saved because it is there when I restart. I am not using begin transaction/commit.


From the docs for RecordSet.Edit:

Thanks. How do I get the changed values? Do I have for load the recordset after every save?

record sets are snapshots of the data as it was when you ran the query to get the recordset

to see / get the update in the recordset you would need to run the query again

Reloading the RecordSet after every save is one option.

Or you could alter your design. One idea: use the RecordSet to populate an array of the primary keys for the table. Use the array for navigation and fetch each record individually as it is needed, editing and saving as necessary. This ensures you are always pulling out the most recent version saved to the DB.

Thanks so much. This does seem weird to me, but maybe it is standard procedure. I am so use to using Valentina that it is hard for me to see other ways of doing things. I would think that if I save a record in a recordset, it should be saved. Oh well, thanks so much for your help.