RPi. TextArea receives clicks below it when Height is reduced as if it still had Height 100

In Pi, shrink a TextArea’s Height and it will still receive click within the default Height 100.

This can be puzzling if you have another control near below, which then might not receive clicks where it is within the TextArea’s original Height 100. This is depending on z.

(The corresponding for Width seems to be OK)

Workaround: Order Front (z-direction) for the control below.

Since I have ‘Normalize Control Sizes’ selected, I set the TextArea1.Height i Window1.Activate,
or it would show up with its default height 100.
(Setting the Height in Window1.Open or at design time in IDE had no effect, but that is not the issue here.)

Hope this saves some hairs. Bugreport 65452 filed. (W10, Xojo2021r2 and r1)

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