RPi Desktop O/S choice

At 2am in the morning I should not be on Amazon with their black friday deals. I bought a RPi 3B+ and was curious which of the many RPi O/Ses out there that yall prefer? I am looking at putting a “desktop” on the RPi.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

Geez, I need new glasses. I read that as R.I.P.

I have a back-burner project to run Hylafax on Slackware-ARM, but haven’t started it yet.

Good morning Scott :slight_smile:

I prefer the Raspbian Operating System as it is easy to install, fully supported for Raspberry Pi systems, and is fast on the Raspberry Pi hardware. I have tried a few other Linux systems and I seem to run into incompatibility bugs with them on the Raspberry Pi, or the other Operating Systems are too large. The large non-Raspbian operating systems usually run slower. The Raspbian has been compatible, there are many good and frequent updates, and it has not caused issues with the hardware.

+1 for Raspbian

Yep, Raspbian is the main OS, the officially supported one and the one to use unless you have a specific reason not to.

That said, if you want to experience a completely different OS - not Linux-based - try RISC OS. Brits may recognise it, Americans probably won’t. It’s literally the original ARM OS.

I am using DietPI (which is based upon raspbian) mainly as it does not come loaded with a whole heap of useless applications, I know raspbian recently introduced a low impact version, but it still has some silly inclusions (from my point of view).
DietPi feels more professional in its direction where raspbian still feels a bit hobby, not that that is a bad thing, just not much good for a real product in my circumstance.

+1 for Raspbian.