Has anyones used RowImageAt?
The list shows the image with an offsetLeft that cuts the image,
Anyway to avoid this? Other that using CellBackgroundPaint.

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after little bit testing i think its a bug.
2021r1 windows

you could use celltag as image memory and background paint event.

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Do you think I should post it at feedback?

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What’s the column size? And alignment?

Column size, and alignment produces no effect

with an image shift to double the width
and a write at 50% will display the image correctly
has always been like that



I didn’t find the problem
under Mac + Window all views are ok for me
change the settings or try different pictures
Module1 / Methods / ZeigeinLB


Actually I’m using CellBackgroundPaint that works.

Yup, I think this is a bug, as I am experiencing the same result. (In fact, I was just getting ready to teach this feature in an upcoming YouTube tutorial. Bummer, I guess I will have to put this one feature the back burner for a bit.)

I hope they can get this fixed soon!

Yes, this has been confirmed as a bug. Hopefully, they will have this issue fixed soon, as it’s a really useful feature!

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