rounded Numbers

What is the best variable to calculation to minimize rounded numbers?

Using PostgreSQL

I’m not sure what you are asking, can you state the question in a different form?

to get a closer results when making divisions and the results have cents
11.99*6.0 %= 0.65945
i like to be =0.66



What about using the Currency type? You can use DatabaseField.CurrencyValue and DatabaseRecord.CurrencyColumn


Do you want 78.65 or 78.66 ?

If the first, change Ceil by Round in Dave’s solution.

Are you talking about calculation on which side? SQL or Xojo? For PostgreSQL there is the direct Round(n, 2)

Jeremy, Currency data type holds 4 decimals. Great for many aspects, but if the intention is rounding on 2 digits, he needs extra steps.