Round borders on iOSTextArea

Greetings All,

I would like to have a round border around an iOSTextArea, just like there is around the iOSTextField.

I tried some declares like in “ ( And BTW, many Thanks to every declares Guru on this forum !!! ) ,
but could find anything working.

Any Idea ?


you need to be able to set the CORNERRADIUS of the UITEXTVIEW Layer attribute…

“wonders when Xojo iOS is going to become more than a wrapper for declares”… :frowning:

Thanks Dave,
but how can I do that ?

Merci Jean-Paul !

But for iOS, I needed to replace “Quartz.Framework” by “UIKit” .

Is possible that it doesn’t work because of Lib UIKit does not exists?

No, UIKit is the main GUI framework of iOS. But in the case of the sample code, it is addressed as a constant. Replace UIkit by "UIKit" in the first declare, then it should work.

As an alternative, you can use iOSLib where there’s a Textfield extension (but not all convenience methods have been added). Currently, you can get a textfied like this


me.BackgroundColor = &cD5FFF200 me.AdjustTextSize = true me.BorderStyle = AppleTextfield.UITextFieldBorderStyle.None me.AppleTextField.Layer.CornerRadius = 8. me.AppleTextField.Layer.BorderWidth = 1 me.LeftImage = iosLibLogo me.LeftViewMode = AppleTextfield.UITextFieldViewMode.Always

I will implement properties like CornerRadius directly in the textfield class in a later release.