Rotating odd shaped images

In my project where I can drag images around in the canvas I added rotation option to rotate the image. So far its good because I was using dummy graphics for testing the they are 32x32. However I’ve found out if the image isn’t perfectly square, say its taller than it is wide or whatever, and I go to rotate it parts of the image gets cut off.

I’m not sure on how get it to not cut off the rotated image.

Rotate(degrees as Double)
Var i as Integer
Var w,h as Double
Var np As Picture
Var px As  PixmapShape

w = Icon.Width
h = icon.Height

for i = 0 to GetUbound //ubound of micon
  px = new PixmapShape(mIcon(i))
  px.Rotation =(degrees* 3.14159 / 180)
  np = new Picture(w,h)//new picture
  micon(i) = np

How do you expect this to work? You need to make the rectangle a square with the longer side of the rectangle for rotation.

Hello Eric
change your Picture Array to Pixmapshap Array and save your Pixmapshaps there in my example I created a class for it and an array of them programmed for display on its own level Test demo attached, the images may still need to be assigned

It was one of those things where I my mind went blank…

Ah cool, thanks. I’ll check that out.