Rotated text spacing issue

Hey guys… I’ve been trying to display some rotated text labels (with short dates) using a string shape, rotating it and drawing it to a canvas… but the spacing of the text seems uneven… (before the “/” seems to be an extra space where there is not… ) I know this is probably a consequence of the rotation… ? but can it be improved ?

Any ideas ?

Ps: This is the code…

g.AntiAlias = True Dim s as New StringShape s.VerticalAlignment = StringShape.Alignment.BaseLine s.HorizontalAlignment=StringShape.Alignment.Left s.Text = tituloCol s.TextFont = "System" s.TextSize = 10 s.Bold = True s.Y = 0 s.X = 0 s.Rotation = 0.785 // (radians, 90 degrees = pi/2) g.DrawObject(s, nLeft+BarSeparation+3, self.Height-marginBottom+7 )

What kind of results do you get by drawing the text to a picture and rotating the picture?

I don’t know… I didn’t try :slight_smile:
Is it done very different from drawing to a 2d obj ?
Let me see…

Well… using an intemediate picture doesn’t have the spacing issue but the text looks a bit blurred…

Fuzziness has always been a problem with rotated stringshapes. However, I’ve had very good results by drawing the text at double size and then scaling the picture back down.

At small point size, pixels are too big to obtain a precise spacing. Indeed, drawing at twice or four times the size incures a much better result. Incidentally, with HiDPI support, it is possible to draw directly at scale 2x.

I will try that, thanks !!!