Rotated Oval

I need to draw rotated Oval, for arguments sake at a 45? angle, where it’s width is less than it’s height.

I think I know how I’m going to do this, but I wanted to check and see if API 2.0 has a solution for this, but I don’t see any way except to manually create a path from curves, which is doable, but a lot more complicated that the way how I think I will do it. How would you do this with API 2.0?

An Object2D maybe ?

This is code placed in the Paint event of a window.

The line

o.Rotation = angle45

does the rotating

Var angle45 As Double = 3.1416 / 4 // 45 degrees in radians Var o As New OvalShape o.Width = 60 o.Height = 120 o.FillColor = RGB(127, 127, 255) o.Rotation = angle45 g.DrawObject(o, o.Width, o.Height)