Rock Paper Scissors

Is there an easy way to compare a “Rock Paper Scissors” scenario? I know I could use a bunch of If…Then statements but I was wondering if there was something simpler built-into Xojo.

Xojo 2017R3

Select Case Object Case Rock .... Case Paper ... End Select

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I don’t watch that show.

Can we please get back to my original question?

Sorry I was under the impression that the use of Select Case is the option to use instead of if then.

That didn’t work?

[quote=438460:@Charles Fasano]I don’t watch that show.

Can we please get back to my original question?[/quote]

at least a few ways
lets assume 2 players
with 2 players and 3 choices there are several cases

   player1               player2   

   rock                     rock
   rock                     paper
   rock                     scissors
   paper                  rock
   paper                  paper
   paper                  scissors

  scissors                rock
  scissors                paper
  scissors                scissors

so you might write a method that takes the player1 choice and player2 choice and returns which one wins
lets assume there’s an enum like

     enum RockPaperScissorsChoice

and the method is like

     Function Winner(player1Choice as RockPaperScissorsChoice, player1Choice as RockPaperScissorsChoice) as Integer

            const tie = 0
            const player1Wins = 1
            const player2Wins = 2

            // returns 1 if player 1 wins
            // returns 2 if player2 wins
            // return 0 if a tie

            // handle Ties
            if player1choice = player2Choice then
                 return Tie
           end if
            // handle the cases where player 2 beats player 1
            select case player1Choice
                 case rock
                              select case player2Choice
                                       case paper
                                                return player2Wins
                 case paper
                              select case player2Choice
                                         case scissors
                                                return player2Wins
                 case scissors
                              select case player2Choice
                                      case rock
                                                return player2Wins       
            end select

             // if it wasnt a tie and player 2 didnt win then player 1won
            return player1Wins
   end function

Another idea.

Create a class with three subclasses and implement Operator_,Compare in each.

here is another short solution

Private Function Winner(player1 as string, player2 as string) as integer
  // Player1 and Player2 will be one of [R,P,S]
  If player1=player2 Then Return 0 // its a tie
  Dim s As String=Min(player1,player2)+Max(player1,player2)
  Select Case s
  Case "PR"
  Case "RS"
  Case "PS"
  End Select
  If w=player1 Then Return 1
  return 2
End Function

Rock = 0
Paper = 1
Scissors = 2

Returns 0 if is a tie
Returns 1 if player1wins
Returns 2 if player2 wins

Here is a shorter solution:

Function Winner(P1 as Integer, P2 as Integer) as Integer
     If P1 = P2 Then Return 0
     If (P1 = 0 And P2 = 1) Or (P1 = 1 And P2 = 2) Or (P1 = 2 And P2 = 0) Then 
          Return 2
          Return 1
     End If
End Function

Or using Select And If

Function Winner(P1 as Integer, P2 as Integer) as Integer
     If P1 = P2 Then Return 0
     Select Case P1
          Case 0
               If P2 = 1 Then Return 2
          Case 1
               If P2 = 2 Then Return 2
          Case 2
               If P2 = 0 Then Return 2
          End Select
     Return 1
End Function

Or perhaps something like this…

// Set up a who-kills-who array..
const ROCK as integer = 0
const PAPER as integer = 1
const SCISSORS as integer = 2

// Paper kills ROCK etc...
dim kill() as integer = array(PAPER,SCISSORS,ROCK)


Function winner(kill() as integer, p1 as integer, p2 as integer) as integer
if p1 = kill(p2) then return 1  // P1 wins
if p2 = kill(p1) then return 2  // P2 wins
return 0                        // Draw


Call like this...

dim result as integer

result = winner(kill(),ROCK,PAPER)
result = winner(kill,ROCK,PAPER)

Error, expected (Double, Double), but these arguments are (String, String).

  Dim s As String=Min(player1,player2)+Max(player1,player2)

Edit: don’t know if this is the best ‘fix’ for this error:

Dim s As String=chr(Min(player1.asc,player2.asc))+chr(Max(player1.asc,player2.asc))

Call me Sheldon or Thomas A. Anderson 'cause I used The Matrix :wink:

… and just uploaded the Web-Version of RPSLS

Fun-Fact: The ZIP of the XML Projectfile for Web file is 92x bigger than the original one.
And of course there is plenty of room for optimizations.
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