I am wondering how much interest there might be in creating a Xojo Robotics group. I’m interested in interfacing with Arduino, PI etc using XOJO as the controller/monitor. If you are interested please respond with your timezone.


I have a teensy (link text and a RPi. The teensy is similar to an arduino and I have it talking to Xojo. It’s really easy, just serial communication.

The RPi doesn’t really need any external control, but maybe you have something special in mind.

I don’t have much time for xojo right now but, what’s your idea for the group? My timezone is UTC+1.


If by robotics, you mean any kind of device control using Xojo, then sure. I’ve been wanting to make a x-y-z plotter with servo motors and a drill… drill will drill per pixel, using the grayscale pixel value of 0-255 for how far it drills down that specific pixel. This way, I can feed the plotter a grayscale image, and it reproduce the image in 3D. If this would count, or some kind of interfacing with home control systems (such as lights, locks, thermostats, etc.) and not just what the average person thinks of as a ‘robot’, then I’m game and have interest.

A few years ago, I carried out a Mars landing with Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics kit. The project consisted of two NXT bricks. One was mounted on the lander platform, the other was build in the Mars rover. With a bluetooth stick I send signals from the computer to the lander platform. The lander processed them and gave the correct commands to the rover. The communication and controlling application was written in RealStudio and ran at the computer.

I have several Arduino boards (Arduino Uno, Arduino Due) which are used as a hobby in controlling and measuring a self build hydrogen generator. Robotics en electronics are hobbies of mine, carried out when I have free time.

Asking me my time zone is difficult, one period I am in Belgium then I am in Botswana.

I play around with an Uno from time to time (EST).

I will have interest WHEN Xojo gets it’s ARM linux compiler to be able to build ARM linux code to embed programs IN the devices. :wink:

I might be interested in joining such a group (even prior to ARM compiles), if I can somehow contribute with 3D graphics.

Timezone = UTC +2 hours

The home control system sounds interesting. I’m from a control system background BMS/PLC/SCADA so have a bit of background here. Do you see a market for such systems though?

I’m interested mostly because my daughter(11) is.
She has Lego NXT, RPi and is saving for Arduino.
Timezone is UTC+1 (CET)

Our Arduino is on order. Looking forward to playing with it in Xojo.

A few years ago I got Bluetooth communications mostly working with the Lego Mindstorms brick. The documentation isn’t well written and half the time they were talking USB (which I never got working on the Mac). But it was possible. I had a very small demo project that I meant to turn into a training video but never quite got there with consulting work…

I might be interested; I have an Arduino and 2 rPi’s. And now, thanks to this thread, I want a Teensy (or two :wink: )

I use on almost any project an arduino. Have raspberry pi too but currently i’m not using it.

My timezone is UTC+1 (middle european time)

From what I can see the majority of us are UTC 0 to + 2. A google hangout at 7pm GMT should work out? It’ll be 7am for me, or 6 in the summer. Any preferences on which day? And how frequent?

Perhaps we should set up a communications channel similar to esoTalk, so that each person can contribute at their convenience?

I know from my own schedule that it would be difficult to commit to a specific time each week.

I was thinking of a monthly meeting rather than weekly and using a Google Plus hangout which has the ability to host 10 concurrent users for free. Also with G+ hangouts the session can be recorded for later viewing on You tube, so if you can’t make the meeting you can still view the content at your leisure.


I think, ARM compile will be closer with the release of iOS…

I’m using RB/XOJO to control a semiconductor wafer handling robot over serial/ethernet connection.
My timezone is UTC+1

Do you perhaps have a photo of the robot? Would love to see what a “semiconductor wafer handling robot” looks like.