Robot project using xojo is done

I finally finished my painting robot project that used a xojo app on raspberry pi. I did use gpio but most of the control was via the serial port on the gpio which was attached to a can bus module.

The video is here:

I can answer any questions you have here in this thread. Thanks for watching!


So cool!


Fantastic, bravo!

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As someone who spends most of my time with 3D printers and automation that is a fantastic project you have completed. Deserves to go viral!

Wooooow !!!

Truly, fantastic!

I love painting by great masters or by recent artists. The important thing is that I like it.

Your project is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Congratulations.


Extremely cool!

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Impressive. Thank you for sharing.
Was Xojo mentioned anywhere in the video?

I had it in the script but it got cut because I needed to streamline the video and tone down the technical talk. I mentioned it in the description though.

My next robot video will also use xojo because it’s just a super easy way to create a GUI on the RPi. Plus I already have the framework written.


Congrats @Michael_Smith1! what you have done is really inspiring!! :clap::clap::clap: :art:

Fantastic job.!!! Well done.!!!

Very cool indeed. I wrote a pen plotter driver at some point in a distant past, so I recognize the efforts required in the past. Impressive work with 3D printing too.

Wow! This is so awesome!

This is wonderful!!!

Very impressive!

Bravo. That is exceptionally impressive.

Well, color me impressed!

Thanks everyone!

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This is beautiful and inspiring!