Roadmap Needed: Multiple Apps

After a few years of developing a single app, Im being redirected to run multiple apps on Xojo Cloud. Ive tried researching how to run multiple apps from Xojo cloud but I am not having much success. I have a domain name on google pointed to the Xojo cloud IP address for the app. Im not sure what to do to be able to run multiple apps. Can anyone help with an overview of how running multiple web apps on Xojo Cloud works? Also how they would share folders? They need ssl also. Need a starting point for what to do first. Thanks everyone!


I can’t speak to the specifics of how to set it up with Xojo Cloud, but the most cost effective way whether you use Xojo Cloud or Lifeboat to deploy your Web Apps is to use subdomains for each app. You may opt to purchase a domain for each app, but you can use an unlimited number of subdomains on a domain you already own.

So in the end, you may have something like this:

Web App Address
DRM Server
IP Address Mirror

All of the apps will run on the same VPS instance in the cloud, so they share the file system. Xojo Cloud requires you use SpecialFolder.Documents, but if you use Lifeboat you can use something more standard like a child folder of SpecialFolder.ApplicationData, exactly the way you do on Desktop.

That’s what I can answer generically about how the whole thing gets set up. I’ll leave the specifics of how to activate features like SSL on Xojo Cloud to Jason. I haven’t been in the dashboard for a while, so it may have changed from what I remember.

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As Tim said, subdomains is probably the way to go on this. Subdomains are supported on Xojo Cloud and we can configure those for you. Just contact me at

You can access child folders on Xojo Cloud. Normally, you would put things in your Shared Documents folder and you can create folders in Shared Documents.

Thanks for the information. That helps a lot. I will start figuring out how to subdomain as a starting point.

Thank you for the information. I will email you.

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