Right Mouse & Popupmenu

I can’t find this anywhere.

I would like to know how to create a popup-menu with clickable contents.
activated by a right click mouse button in a ListBox Column.

ListBox has no “right mouse button” Event.

I am not understanding the basics how to make a popup menu

please help

In Xojo, PopupMenu means a control looking a bit like a button with a dropdown menu. Actually, in VS, it is called a dropdown.

What you want is a Contextual Menu.


These two events suffice, you don’t have to use MouseDown.

BTW there is never a specific right Click event.

You simply detect the right click in for instance MouseDown with isContextualClick.

Contextual Menu , ok i’ll study it
thank you

You have a perfect example of Contextual Menu in the Xojo IDE. Right click on a window in the Navigator on the left, and it will offer a Contextual Menu with options such as “Add to Window”, “Inspect Window”, “Open in new tab”, and so on.

Also, see /Example Projects/Desktop/Menus/ConstructContextualMenu.xojo_binary_project in the Xojo folder.

Click “New” in the Xojo File menu, and click “Examples”.

For my current desktop project it’s about common practice to have Contextual (rightclick) menu’s rather than buttons.
Gives me more flexibility to add functionality in second instance and presenting a full GUI even on a 136j6x768 mobile device.
Unfortunately , on Windows I don’t like the way icons are placed in the context menu’s. So for now, I use context menu’s without icons.

Icons in context menu are really pass.

Happy to hear this. No need to care about anymore.

Thank you Michael I got now
Contextuals work very neatly. It’s actually easier than the old ms VBasic.

cheers and happy days.