Right Click on Touchscreen?

Could someone please tell me what will happen if someone uses my app on a Windows touchscreen device with regards to a right click.

I have a listbox, whereby a user right clicks in order to get choices of adding / editing etc.
If the user is on a touchscreen device, how do they right click - or will my app not work?

Thank you all in advance.

Do not know if this helps but here is some information on right clicking with touch screen, in case you do not know how it works:

I think it says you hold your finger on the touchscreen then quickly tap with another finger.

This should all be built into Windows 7/8, from what I can see. The same may apply to Vista and XP. Do not have any information on Mac or Linux but they may work the same because it seems pretty standard. I cannot be certain of the information I am providing you with, being true but I’ve tried to help. Btw, do you have a touchscreen to test this on?

Hope this helps.

Unfortunately I have no touchscreen Windows device to test my app on :frowning:

It actually depends on the driver. The ones from ELO use a touch and hold to get the right click action.