Right Click Menu, Left Click Mac Issue

I want to display readable data on the screen and allow edit but using specific values/options. Using multi combo box’s makes the screen look messy. I have tried to change them to Labels with a Right Click Menu, thats a pain for Mac users, Left click is preferred for this. Does anyone have any idea’s on how best to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

why do you consider a “right click” a “pain”…

to change to specific known values, why don’t you use popup menus instead of comboboxes ?

@Dave S - Right Click is only a pain for on mac you have to use two fingers on the trackpad but for ease and efficiency Left Click is what I need.

@Jean-Yves Pochez , we’ve used labels to show the data and setup popup/contextual menus for the edit values for each label , but in order to display the menus the user has to “right-click”.

don’t put a label+contextual menu : you need to right-clic to use it !
if you use a “popup menu” (alone look in the library no label necessary) then you will left-clic to use it !
a popup menu is not a contextual menu …

Thats all great. Can I have a popup menu without the arrows on it? If not whats best to do.
we have a screen of about 10 items and having them all as popups seams to make it messy.

Thank you for your help.

then you can also make a Label as you did, but instead of using the constructcontextualmenu event, you can use the mousedown event, and there make a menuitem with the lines you need, and present it to the user using the menuitem.popup method.

[quote=457302:@Julie Frazee]Here are the steps to right click on mac check link below.
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This article is wrong. Used Apples Magic Mouse 1 and 2 i can tell you both supprt the Right-Click out of the box…
Today a Right-Click is also on a Mac…nothing special.