Rich Text Editor

I just tried some HTML rich text editors on Safari mobile, they don’t even display.

Searching for a solution, I saw several native rich text solutions based on UITextView.

I wonder how difficult it would be to add bold, italic, and fonts to a regular iOSTextArea ?

Otherwise, any idea about a web based rich text HTML box that would work in iOS without Internet connection ?

In Cocoa, there is this wonderful declare which creates a rich text editor like TextEdit from the regular TextArea :

declare function documentView lib "Cocoa" selector "documentView"(obj_id as Integer) as Ptr declare sub setUsesInspectorBar lib "Cocoa" selector "setUsesInspectorBar:" (obj_id as Ptr, value as Boolean) setUsesInspectorBar(ptr(documentView(me.Handle)), true)

Would something like this be possible in iOS ?

if iOSText area is a subclass of UITextView, then you’re in for some issues.
I attempted to create a SyntaxHighligting edtor in Swift using UITextView, and it did not work out, research found that there are known issues when attempting to do Attributed Text (iOs nomenclature for StyledText) if the amount of text exceeded a relatively small volume.
I opted to create my own class… which while it worked very well… it slowed down after a few megabytes of document.

Call me naive …

46001 - iOSTextArea Styled Text
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Michel Bujardet Today at 5:15 PM
It appears UITextView can enable styled text (attributedText)

Please consider enabling StyledText for iOSTextArea.

I don’t need lots of text. Check Writer prints an accompanying text on a letter-size voucher, under or above a standard 3,5" high check. Usually less than 500 characters.