Rich Text Editor?

Hi -

I recall in older versions (REAL Studio), I had the ability to insert a control from Microsoft Word.

Is there a method to get something similar in there?

I am interested in inserting a rich text editor into my application, so that the user can type information that will be stored… but I want to give them the formatting options, font options, font size options, etc.

Does this at all exist in Xojo?

Install the MS OFFice plugin if you’re on Windows
Then you will have access to the WordApplication class
You could embed an OLE object as well

Yes, but what if I’m on a Mac?

I’ve heard there are some plugins that can provide some trimmed-down rich text editors. @Bob Keeney - can you enlighten us?

There are no options that I know of to directly control / communicate with / embed Word or any office component on the Mac
MS hasn’t released an SDK for the Mac in many many years (since PPC macs shipped)

There are other editor like Formatted Text Control which ARE cross platform

That is what I am looking for… A formatted text editor…

Where can I find a Formatted Text Control for Xojo?

The Formatted Text Control is actually a canvas subclass and is 100% Xojo code. It does need the TextInputCanvas plugin (an open source plugin from Xojo Inc) to correctly handle text events in Cocoa (but it also works in Windows too).

So under Coca it needs the TxetInputCanvas but not under Windows ? Where is the TextInput Canvas available ? Does it come with FTC ?

It needs the plugin for both Windows and Mac (and Linux if we supported Linux). It is currently part of the download package but it can also be found at

This is the same technology that the IDE uses for its Code Editor. This changed in Xojo so they could support all of the goodies that users expect with Cocoa text fields. While it doesn’t do much in Windows and Linux it was easier to duplicate the events that those platforms already use.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I will do without for now, as I don’t have $150 right now for the plugin.

Thanks for getting back to me, though.