Ribbon Tab

I have a ribbon Tab with home screen and with sub menu… If I click the submenu I want to call window. Show method there so plz help me how to solve this

You created the ribbon Tab control? It is a third party control? Which one?

@Ivan Tellez yes it is a thirty party plugin which was created by jeremmia, we have implemented in it but my task is to display the windows form if user clicks the tab…

By who ???

@Norman Palardy our main concept is that we are integrating the ribbon Tab in our windows application… So for eg if user means we click the eg home page means it should call an windows form… Our question is how to integrate the windows form in each tabs… Please help us to solve this

Xojo doesn’t have forms. Please explain in Xojo terminology what you want to do.

Do you want to open a window?

Dim w as new MyWindow w.show

Do you want to show a PagePanel when the user clicks your ribbon?

myPagepanel.value = 1

@Beatrix Willius yes if user clicks the ribbon I want to display the windows form, but now how I am using the application after login it should be redirect to next window ,Now I have implemented the ribbon Tab it was new for us I want to integrate the forms in each tab for eg if user clicks the login tab it should be display the windows form or whether it is possible to integrate the windows form in ribbon Tab, we are beginners so pls help us to solve this.

@Aldrin Mathias : please:

  • short sentences
  • a period between sentences

Do screenshots or post a project or show us your existing code. I’m still not sure what you want.

@Beatrix Willius I have a ribbon Tab integrated in my project, how to use existing windows form in that tab by clicking please help me

You can not use the GUI classes of .NET Framework in Xojo. If you need windows forms, you can use Visual Studio

That sounds as a tool bar, not a Ribbon.

This makes no sense either. Are you confusing, ribbon Tab, ribbon bar and the client area?


Just guessing, are you sure is not a PagePanel what you need?


@Ivan Tellez that means we cannot use the windows form in ribbon control, but we can use that elements using page panel in ribbon Tab please make sure that this is correct

Wow. This is painful.

Probably this control:


In which case.
Each button has an Action Event

RibbonCanvas.Action ( SectionName As String, ButtonName As String )

if the ‘form’ you want to display is your own window.
If the window is frmMyOwnWindow
If the ButtonName is ‘Showmywindow’


RibbonCanvas.Action event

[quote]select case ButtonName
case “Showmywindow”
case else

end select

this will work if ‘implicit instantiation’ is turned on.
If you get a nilobject exception here, you need to create a window first

[quote]select case ButtonName
case “Showmywindow”
dim mw as new frmMyOwnWindow
case else

end select

well … it can … sort of … but its not dead easy

and next to your install of Xojo is Extras\PluginsSDK\Examples\HostWPFContent which is an example of expoing a WPF control to Xojo
Its not trivial, like just adding an OCX, but it can be done

@Jeff Tullin that means in the ribbon canvas action we want to call the button name with the particular form please note this is correct…

It is not your fault, but this is difficult to understand.
Your profile does not say where you live, or what your usual language is.
I assume this has been translated by Google.
Please use small sentences.
They are translated better.

I can not tell if you are asking a question, or if you are saying that I understood what you want.

@Jeff Tullin I am from India… My language is Tamil… We are doing an application using xojo now the client is asking to integrate the ribbon Tab in the application…

@Jeff Tullin Now we have developed windows form in the application but after integrate ribbon Tab how to use the forms but I don’t know whether is possible to implement the windows form in the tab…

I did something similar recently with a different toolbar.

Show us the code you use to use a ‘Windows form’

[code]select case ButtonName
case “Showmywindow”
//your code here
case else

end select[/code]

@Jeff Tullin let my try this is the code …Thanks for the help sir…

@Aldrin Mathias: you should have a look at:

Xojo 2019 Release 1.1/Example Projects/Desktop/Menus/WindowMenu.xojo_binary_project

It has examples on how to open a window from a menu item. You would call the same method from a toolbar button (or ribbonControl button).