RFID Tags and Readers

Is anyone doing any work with RFID tags, and interfacing readers to Xojo? I would be interested to know what ‘reading equipment’ is in use as I look towards a project to record in and out times for tag users in a relatively simple application.

Is RFID still the way to go (seems a low costs option), or move to NFC.

NFC is still an emerging technology; RFID, however, is currently in widespread use all over the world.
So, it depends on what you want to develop…

I Use Phidgets and MBS plugins to read RFID cards

But the question is: What kind of software do you want to develop? For what use?

Ive used Phidgets before and they seem to work pretty good…

I got a similar problem like Paul did years ago…
I try to build an application which reads RFID-Tag via Phidgets and put the value of the Tag into a database to recognize the users.
No Idea to manage this, the MBS example does not provide code for reading the data of the Tag. Maybe Valdemar has some snippets of code for me??? :wink: (…please…)

Try this https://www.dropbox.com/s/g0lkr04k8fnkqdv/Phidget%20Test.xojo_binary_project?dl=0

On a similar note - has anyone used Xojo to write to a type 1 or type 2 NFC tag?
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


I played with the smartcard classes by MBS. It’s actually very simple to use.

Here is a little example that gets the NFC reader status every 500 ms.
Once a card is detected it’s ID and time will be added to a list.


We support Alien, Cryptag, Inpinj, HID, Wavetrend ( and similar ), Thingmagic, and many others. Basically if it has manuals or isn’t encrypted and proprietary we will support it. Fully OOD, drivers are relatively quick and easy to implement.

Depending on whether it is active or passive tags, you can read up to 3m for fully directional RFID, or farther for active non-directional tags. Some like HID have a much shorter range.

This IP is also up for sale. If you have specific questions you can email me off list at jmoehlma@linux-software.com

Are you going out of business ?