Reverser Direction of Vertical Slider - Maximum on Bottom Instead ?

I’ve added a couple horizontal and vertical sliders. I’ve added the following required code under the open event of the vertical sliders per another post here:

  Declare Sub setVertical Lib "Cocoa" Selector "setVertical:" (windowRef As Integer, id As Boolean)
  setVertical(Me.Handle, True)

The horizontal sliders are 0 left and 792 on the right The vertical sliders are 0 on the bottom and 792 on the top.

Is there any way to visually and mechanically reverse the vertical sliders so their maximum is on the bottom instead?

I am using these livescroll sliders to control picture frame crop lines drawn in the canvas over the top of a image to be cropped.

The code would a be a lot cleaner and easier to understand if they were reversed as their value would correspond with the actual top and bottom Y axis crop marks within the pdf to be cropped.

I think if you subclass the slider and add code to it to reverse the slider position it will do what you want. Not on a computer at the moment, but if you don’t know how to do it I’m sure someone will shortly come with a snippet.

a little subtraction in the valueChanged event

Decided to go with the scrollbars instead, with the arrow keys allowing for minute 1 pixel adjustments in the crop frame.