Reverse Engineering

How to protect a Windows and MAC application from reverse engineering ?

Hmm, I don’t think you can do much, but you can try UPX.


Hmm, it helps however an attacker can easily decompress the Executables and am also looking to obfuscate the source code somehow.

BKeeney Software Inc. - Obfuscate

What specific part of the program needs protection from reverse engineering ?

I was thinking in all Xojo code.

The Xojo “source code” is not included in your app.

So the binary compiled code cannot be easily reversed ? Like in Visual Basic they have tools to help preventing reverse engineering.

In general, reverse engineering will not concern the totality of an application. Why should anybody go through the pain of disassembling your application to see how you display text in a label, for instance, or get input from a TextField ?

You may want to obfuscate confidential information placed in strings, for which obfuscate from Bkeney software is made.

You may have a very secret, very hush hush algorithm to get to a result that nobody must know about, and then protect that specific part of your program.

Protecting the entire code is generally not necessary.

See Reverse engineering - Wikipedia

People can drop app on text editor and see some details like SQL statements, control names, window names and other things.
But not the actual code.

Visual Basic doesn’t compile to machine code, so it’s easier to reverse engineer.