Returning after 4 yr absence

Hello everyone,

I have not developed in about four years now. I was diagnosed with a autoimmune condition that is made worse with stress. My doctor told me to eliminate all stressors from my life at the time. I had developed an app for the Apple store and was spending many hours per day coding. I took my doctor’s advice and put my software work to bed. I did all my work on the Mac platform at the time. Now with the MacOS upgrade to Catalina 32-bit apps no longer run. At the time I stopped I was in the process of upgrading the code to work 64-bit. The last piece I had was implementing preferences but I was using MacOSlib and it was a mess and I hit a roadblock. I have been contemplating renewing a desktop license to at least finish a 64-bit compile so that I can use my app just for myself in Catalina. However, from looking at release notes and deprecations, I am concerned at the level of effort that I might be getting myself into. At the time I stopped I had worked hard to move to the new framework and convert from Strings to Text. Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like all that work was in vein and both the new framework and Text are both out of favor and will be likely removed in a future version? Am I missing something here? And with learning about API 2.0 it feels like deja vu.

Welcome back.

Yes, the new framework is deprecated, but I’d wager it will never be removed. It shouldn’t be that big a deal to get your projects going in the New Xojo, and a good replacement for macoslib are the MBS plugins.