ReturnCaptions of a text field

I have two text fields on a screen. The upper text field has the property ReturnCaption set to MobileTextField.ReturnCaptions.NextCaption. If I tap on the keyboard’s Next button I would have expected the bottom text field would get the focus. Nothing happens though. Is this a problem of “tab order”? How could I set this in an iOS project?

You need to handle this in the Mobiletextfield.ReturnPressed event to set the focus to the next field and return True.

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Thanks Jeremie! I should have figured this out before posting here…

As a matter of fact, I discovered today how to set the focus to the next textfield when the textfields are located in a MobileTable.

My solution uses declares but is very handy when filling out a lengthy form.



Please share if you can @Jeremie_L as I have exactly this scenario! :slightly_smiling_face: