Return data from the second webdialog back to the first webdialog

Hi all.
I’m testing Xojo WE suitability for a project.

So I have a WebPage named WebPage1 and a WebTextField1 on the same WebPage1.
From WebPage1 I call WebDialog1 that has WebTextField2 and some text value.
So to return data from WebTextField2 to WebTextField1 I just do:
WebPage1.WebTextField1.Text = WebTextField2.Text
All OK so far.

The problem is when from above WebDialog1 I call WebDialog2 with say WebTextField3 on it and try to pass data from
WebDialog2.WebTextField3 to WebDialog1.WebTextField2 with the following
WebPage1.WebDialog1.WebTextField2.Text = WebTextField3.Text -->> Data is not returned

If I do
WebPage1.WebTextField1.Text = WebTextField3.Text -->> Data is returned

So it seems that can’t return data from second WebDialog to the first WebDialog using above simple code.
But can return data from both dialogs to WebPage using above code.

Is this true or I’m missing something?

If I use AddHandler between WebDialogs then can return data between WebDialogs.
However because only Text value is returned due to simplicity would like to avoid using AddHandler.

Thx for any info.

Add Handlers are the way to go. I worked my way around them for a long time and find them to be VERY helpful now, in fact so helpful and easy to maintain that I just rewrote huge parts of my app.

Here is a generic example project passing text from dialog > dialog > to webpage. Checkout the dismissed event in the webpage and the webdialog.

Xojo Project File