Trying to remember the line: Burroughs B2900, ZX81 (TK82C), TRS80 (CP-500), Cromemco S1 (BR1000M), MSX (HotBit), CALCON-SC, IBM-PC…Gazillions of PCs+Macs

Don’t forget the Hitachi Peach with its super fast 6809 processor, cassette dock and 256 colours! Hitachi test-marketed it in Australia before a USA launch. I think it failed the test!

[quote=27086:@Dave S]“those days” are the late 70’s to early 80’s

I started in 1974… before IBM ever invisioned a “personal computer”… before “The Woz” soldered the first chip of an Apple I computer…
when CP/M was just hitting the market… it was so new that my partner and I decided to go with “DEBBI” instead… never heard of it? not suprised… “Disk Extended BASIC by ICOM”… CP/M would have been a better choice :)[/quote]

You make me feel much younger now :wink:

And after starring on that green thing for hours, all streetlights appeared pink at night for a while. Very surrealistic without any additional substances… :-))

Dave, your download link is dead.
I would really like to see this.

dang… that was a few years ago :slight_smile:
Check now… I just restored the file to my server

Downloading now.

[quote=24471:@Dave S]A while back on a forum long long ago (ok… a few months and the RealStudio forum). There was a topic about 1980’s era BASIC and how far things have come, yet we miss the “good ole days” … yada yada yada. At that time I was bored… and started and mostly completed an operational BASIC interpeter written completely in RealStudio/Xojo with no special funky API’s or declares. It is line number based, contains its own editor (emulates 64x16 and 80x25 terminal screens)… Has TRS-80 style graphics (those 2x3 cells… remember those?). I extended the TRS-80 syntax to include many features from Basic-80 and MBasic (the PDF manuals are in the ZIP file, along with a TRS-80 Model 3 manual). This code is being offered to the public domain AS-IS with no expectations on your part. It is purely for educational purposes, as it illustrates many concepts and techniques used in more complex compilers and interpeters (and yeah some of it is brute force code). Probably the most interesting part of the code for most will be the section that parses and solves equations.

You will also notice this project has a grand total of ONE Xojo control… a single canvas which is used to present the “terminal display”

RetroBasic ZIP File

Note : this has only been run under OSX… but I see no reason it won’t work with Windows or Linux.[/quote]

Thank you Dave… I had a ZX-Spectrum, equal to Mike … It’ll make me get back good memories…

I had to go to the basement and get my retro computer.
Disk drive
Casstte Recorder
and printer

All operated by battery !
Still working.

I had my TRS80 with expansion interface, floppy drives stored in my father-in-laws attic… found out a few years ago, he tossed them out without telling me… kinda p*ssed me off :frowning:

My first computer was a Commodore Amiga, I could never afford anything before that even though I lusted after them on the shelves of Currys and various other places.

I remember the amazing graphics just blew me away from day 1.

And then I paid an arm and a leg for a hard drive add-on unit. It had a mahoosive 20 meg hard drive that had the reassuring sound of concord taking off every time you powered it up.

Happy days :slight_smile:

Vic 20 in 1985 i think, no storage media.
ZX Spectrum I had no storage media.
Spectravideo 328 only cassettes.
Spectravideo 728 with 3,5 disks
Amiga 500 no hard drive

Only the 3 years ago I bougt the TRS80 with Norwigian keyboard, had to have it.

My first computer was also a TRS-80 Model 4 with the cool looking green screen, a whopping 64K or RAM, and two double sided 5.25" floppy drives. I remember purchasing a box of single sided floppy disks for around $10, and then using a hole puncher to convert them to double sided floppies. I spent many hours late at night learning BASIC on my TRS-80. I still remember the little pixels of the characters on the screen glowing at me.

Yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada. Those were the good ol’days :wink:

Never fails :wink:

Heck some of us still support dinosaurs. My day job is writing software on a DATABASIC based system where things are so old school BASIC that it still has things like +=, -= and *= to keep source code files below 32KB even though the limit is no longer there.

I much prefer Xojo and

First computer I had was a TI 99/4, not the 4A :wink: Still have the power supply dont know how the computer itself got lost over the years. That was my first programming in basic too. Then on to the apple ][e and finally learning pascal on a Mac+

My first one was an Atari-800… Just tossed it out about 6 or 7 years ago.

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Dave: This is cool.

My first paid gig was using an Apple ][ . Got paid to duplicate disks for the school district. With all the manual disc swapping they figured I could do 5 an hour : and paid me at that rate. I wrote a hack that spun two drives and could do a single disc in about 4 minutes. Got fired because when the realized I could not possibly have done that many disks in the 72 hours since I turned the last batch,