Retrieving SQLite DB data in TextFields

I’d like to get all different data from a SQLite DB and put them into single TextFields instead of using a ListBox.
Can it be done and, in case, how?

Thank you

What does this mean?

I mean, I’m building an automobile database holding different data(license plate, date of sticker, periodic revisions, etc.). I’d like to put all those different data into single fields, each named after the data it is supposed to hold. These fields are spread into different areas of the window. I’d like to avoid, if possible, the use of a ListBox to collect data.
I know how to get data from a DB and use AddRow to put them into a ListBox, I wonder if it is possible to do the same with single fields.
I hope I clarified what I mean

start with the dbkit in the xojo examples / database folder
then try the “separate” window button and adapt to your project

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You mean something like:

Var  reg as RowSet, dbh as SQLiteDatabase, id as Integer

id  = 27
reg = dbh.SelectSQL ("select firstname, lastname from licencedata where id = ?", id)

firstnameField.Text = reg.Column("firstname").StringValue
lastnameField.Text  = reg.Column("lastname").StringValue

Thank, it should be it.
I’ll test it and see what happens (fingers crossed).