Retina Kit with RowPicture?

I am currently using this code to insert an image into a listbox row:

myWindow.myListbox.RowPicture(myWindow.myListbox.LastIndex) = myImage

Does anyone know if it is possible to use Retina Kit, in order to load either the standard or retina image?
I use Retina Kit to determine which image to display for canvas’ and toolbar buttons etc., but have no idea how to do this for a listbox row’s image?

Any pointers or a code example would be very much appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

Hi Richard,
rowPicture is limited to 72-dpi only :frowning: In the Retina Kit demo project, I show a work around for this.

In essence what you need to do is to store the image in the cellTag (or another place that can easily be reached from the cell paint event) and then in the cell paint event you have to draw the cell yourself.

What compounds it is that you can’t actually use the RetinaKit in the cell paint event of the Listbox, the co-ordinates get messed up and try as I might I could never get them right.

With the RetinaKit 2, I added the option to use Xojo drawing, which helps in this situation. However you still cannot use rowPicture if you want Retina.

Ok, thanks Sam.