Retina Kit w/ CGContextSetInterpolationQuality

Should I not use CGContextSetInterpolationQuality if I am using Retina Kit? I have a very new MBP customer saying that his resolution looks really bad (Late 2014 Retina), but my (and a few others) MBP Early 2013 Retina works fine.

I am using CGContextSetInterpolationQuality of 3 in most cases on canvas’ using retina kit.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

I may be mistaken but for retina don’t you want to use non-interpolated scaling so that the downscaling by the OS in a retina app looks correct?

If you’re using the RKPicture this declare shouldn’t have any effect and the OS should automagically pick the best method.

I can change the values and it does make a difference. I am not using retina kit 2 due to the max oslib conflicts.

Jason I am learning on this topic on the fly a bit so what declare would I use for non-interpolated downscaling?


I posted a patched version of AppKit2014Mini, the link is on the following forum post.

Mode 1 is non-interpolated. Again I’m not sure if changing that will help, but on iOS I use non-interpolated when scaling something for different screen resolutions. See this for the complete list of modes and their values:

Thank you Jason I will study the link and try that value. I appreciate the help!